Welcome to Peace on our Streets, a grassroots activist organization that aims to bring sanity back to the American justice system by taking action to stop our nation's most senseless and unconstitutional laws: those unleashed upon us by the federal War on Drugs.

From the illogical banning of a lucrative cash crop known as industrial hemp, to the costly prohibition of a proven medicinal substance called marijuana, to the guilty-until-proven-innocent madness of civil asset forfeiture, the drug war has been a disaster on every front. It has devastated our families, overflowed our prisons, militarized our police, cost us billions of dollars, and contributed to the moral and spiritual decay of our society.

This must come to an end before more lives are shattered by this war against our rights, and that is exactly what our group intends to do.

Our coalition works from the bottom up to stimulate action at the local and state levels to mitigate the harmful effects of federal drug policy. State-by-state, municipality-by-municipality, we are showing the drug warriors that their inhumane, antiquated approach to substance abuse is obsolete. Together. we will blaze the trail for compassionate, common-sense measures resulting in Peace in our Streets.