ACTION ALERT: Defelonize Bill in WA State Needs Your Support

House Bill 1024, filed by Rep. Sherry Appleton on December 8th, would remove felony charges for the personal possession of illegal substances, reducing the charge to a simple (non-gross) misdemeanor.  (learn about it here). A public hearing has been scheduled for the bill, and your support is needed to help it move forward.

1. Attend the hearing. HB1024 is scheduled for a public hearing in the House Public Safety Committee on Jan. 16th at 10AM. The meeting will be held in Room 248A of the John L. O'Brien Building, Olympia, WA 98504-0600. Committee members will need to be informed promptly as to the importance of this bill.

2. Call the Committee Chair, Roger Goodman. Strongly, but respectfully urge her to move this important bill forward to a vote in her committee. A phone call has 10x the impact of an email.
(360) 786-7878

3. Call the rest of the committee members. Again, be strong, but respectful. Urge each of them to take action to move the bill forward and vote YES on HB1024 . If they do not commit to a YES vote, ask them why. If they’re undecided, let them know you’ll call back in a few days.

Mary Helen Roberts (D) Vice Chair (360) 786-7950
Brad Klippert (R) Ranking Minority Member (360) 786-7882
Dave Hayes (R) Asst Ranking Minority Member (360) 786-7914
Sherry Appleton (D) (360) 786-7934
Jeff Holy (R) (360) 786-7962
Luis Moscoso (D) (360) 786-7900
Eric Pettigrew (D) (360) 786-7838
Dean Takko (D) (360) 786-7806

3.   Call Back – any NO or UNDECIDED – in 3-4 days.   Ask if they’ve had a chance to review the legislation and what their opposition might be. Contact us with any information you get.

4. SHARE this information widely. By facebook, twitter, email, and more.