Cannabis Prohibition and Unnecessary Suffering Are Inseparable

Many people laugh off the cannabis legalization movement as nothing more than a bunch of stoners wanting to get high. In actuality, the drug war has devastated countless lives in its nearly four decades of futility.

The case of Benton Mackenzie serves as a disgusting example of this senseless destruction.

Benton Mackenzie was a terminal cancer patient. He suffered from angiosarcoma, a type of cancer that affects the blood vessels. He had been using medical cannabis to treat his condition and ease his pain while struggling for his life. However, the state of Iowa felt the need to target this man and convict him of a felony. He was sentenced to probation. The state gave him an ultimatum: Die a painful, miserable death, or be locked in a cruel prison and die there.

Benton MacKenzie lost his battle with cancer in January. His blood is on the hands of the Iowa state government, as well as the feds for constantly denying the positive, life-saving impacts of medical cannabis.

This is an outrage endemic of an immoral system that values strict, mindless fidelity to the law over compassion and sanity. A man wishing only ease his pain and discomfort as he battled one of the worst diseases known to man was subjected to the court system and probation along with all the fines, restrictions and indignities that come with it. Prohibitionists have unleashed a cruel reality upon all of us, and it ultimately led to Benton MacKenzie's untimely demise.

This is what happens when you allow federal bureaucrats, insulated from the needs of the public within the Washington D.C. twilight zone, to set public policy for over 300 million people. Lives are shattered. Logic is tossed by the wayside. Freedom is gutted. The Constitution is ripped to shreds. Only after realizing that the federal 'experts' do not know what they are talking about and taking matters into our own hands can we fight back against this injustice.

We must sever the toxic federal influence from our state governments on the cannabis issue. By exercising our power and getting involved at the local and state levels, we show the feds that we will tolerate their bullying no longer. Begging the federal government to get its own act in order is not the way to go. It has been well-known for a very long time that cannabis has tremendous healing capabilities, but the feds do not care. They may pay lip service to reform, but they can never be trusted. Getting involved at the local and state levels is the only way to achieve true reform.

It is time to get involved in your community to mitigate whatever nonsense is coming down the pike from the feds. They don't have the resources to ban marijuana themselves. That is the dirty little secret the feds don't want you to know about, and we can use that against them. When the state and local governments change their enforcement priorities, prohibition goes bye bye no matter what the feds have to say! The wheels are already in motion. Join Peace on the Streets, and work to undermine the feds and the drug warriors through action in the lower levels of government!