For Advocates of Drug Legalization, National Politics are a Divisive Waste of Time

There has been a great deal of squabbling from drug legalization advocates regarding the Presidential election and how the choice will affect the enforcement of the drug war. All of that squabbling, I'm happy to report, is little more than much ado about nothing.

Whether you support Hillary or Trump or even Bernie at this point, this article is not meant to judge you or your choice. Feel free to support your candidate as much as you want to your heart's content. Just understand that regardless of who is elected in November, the effect on the drug war will be minimal.

For hypothetical purposes, let's assume the worst case scenario. The new Presidential elect triples down on prohibition next year. They start the ultimate crack down on the states that have legalized marijuana. The new President ramps up the drug war to new heights.

Worst case scenario, right? Well, not really. In fact, such a scenario may play out very well for drug peace advocates.

If they ramped up enforcement, the federal government would make themselves look incredibly weak. Their delusions to enforce their antiquated and senseless marijuana laws would fall to pieces. The feds would also show their true colors to the public. It would be their 'Emperor Wears No Clothes" moment. They wouldn't dare such a maneuver.

Take Denver as a case example. The feds attempted a crack down after the state of Colorado legalized marijuana. They rolled out with the DEA and full force on the city of Denver in late 2013. The Tenth Amendment Center reported on those disgusting developments:

"According to the Denver Post, the feds raided more than a dozen Denver area medical marijuana businesses and two homes...

But what was obviously meant as a show of force actually demonstrates the true weakness of the federal government.

Notice, this was a massive operation – the largest raids since medical marijuana was legalized in Colorado. They hit about 12 shops in Denver metro. That might sound pretty impressive until you consider that about 400 such businesses operate in the Denver area alone.

In other words, the feds impacted about 3 percent of the medical marijuana businesses in Denver – one single city in a state of 5.2 million people...

The gun-toting federal snowflakes couldn’t even pull off this “massive” operation on their own. They depended on help from local law enforcement – to disrupt less than 3 percent of the medical marijuana business in one city.

And if history provides any indication, the businesses that the feds raided will likely reopen within days. It happens all the time in California."

The feds were barely even able to touch the medical marijuana production of one large city, and this was before there was a recreational pot shop on every roadside corner. The feds were powerless to do anything but try to create token victims in an attempt to scare people away from the business. And that was before legalization! Now that the flood gates of legalization have been opened, the President will have virtually no power to do anything but look foolish while the Drug War falls apart.

So although you may be concerned about who will be President for a wide variety of valid reasons, breathe a sigh of relief that drug policy is not one of those issues. The momentum is on the side of those of us who want to end prohibition. We just have to work through the state and local levels, where it really matters. By working at those levels, we make the federal government irrelevant and powerless to enact their prohibitionary policies.

As the country is ripped apart during this election, we must not lose sight of these facts. We must not lose sight of what is important. These national elections come and go, but the important issues remain afterward. We should not hammer potential allies in the fight for drug peace, or any other important issue, during these elections. We must keep our perspective, and our wits about us. As crazy as the political system gets, we must keep a level head and keep our eyes on the prize. Let's not divide ourselves when we are right on the cusp of victory. Let's unite and achieve peace on our streets as soon as we possibly can!