Industrial Hemp Can Mitigate our Economic and Ecological Disasters

Often, economic prosperity and environmental sustainability are pitted against each other as rivals. We are led to believe that we can only have one without the other, but that is not the case. We can have both. We can thrive and protect the environment. It is within our grasp, but it won't come as the result of some new government edict. All that needs to happen is for the states to subvert a federal ban on one of the most durable, versatile crops known to man: industrial hemp.

Many years ago, industrial hemp was considered one of the building blocks for American economic strength and prosperity. However, as time went on, we lost our way. Industrial hemp has been another casualty of the senseless war on drugs has been waged. Hemp has been senselessly demonized in the same vein as marijuana. They have been purposefully conflated, although industrial hemp does not contain enough THC to ever be used as an intoxicant. That fact hasn't stopped the feds from banning industrial hemp anyway.

Not that marijuana shouldn't be fully legalized too, but it's important to note the distinctions between industrial hemp and marijuana. Marijuana is a medicine that can cure or treat many different ailments while industrial hemp is a crop that can revitalize our manufacturing base to reinvigorate the economy. It can put hundreds of thousands of Americans back to work. And it won't cost the taxpayers a dime.

The ripple effect will be astounding. More hemp jobs will bleed over to other industries. It will mean a larger tax base so roads, schools and other essential services can be funded. Moribund, destitute cities like Detroit could be turned around in a flash. Families would be fed. Other businesses would thrive as the residual effect from the industrial hemp boom. This is the future that is within our reach right now if the states act.

To make matters even better, industrial hemp is completely biodegradable, and harmless to the environment. As a giant island of plastic floats around in the ocean, we are suppressing a crop that can be used to make plastics that won't hurt the Earth. It can also be made into clothing, rope, fuel, paper, food, concrete, and thousands of other uses. None of the wastes from those products would hurt the Earth. There is no downside here. It's truly a crime that it isn't legalized and widely developed everywhere.

But that's all rapidly changing. The collective insanity is coming to an end. Seven states have already subverted the federal hemp ban. Colorado's industrial hemp program is already up and running. We can revitalize the engine of productivity that was once the life-blood of our country, and we can do so without dealing with Washington D.C. for one second. Because the feds simply don't have the resources to stomp out a vibrant industrial hemp industry without a lot of state help.

So what are you waiting for? Call your state legislators, and demand that they take action to legalize industrial hemp today. Don't accept the excuses. Politely urge them to introduce our Hemp Freedom Act. It is ready-made to be introduced. It has passed all over. You can spread the revolution to your state by picking up your phone, and telling others to do the same. And by doing so, you can bring peace and prosperity back to American streets.