Introducing the Hemp Freedom Act

While marijuana prohibition presents an obvious roadblock to Peace on our Streets by forcing non-violent caregivers into prison needlessly, the prohibition of industrial hemp also contributes to violence because it holds back a cash crop that our country desperately needs.

Among the most overlooked contributors to societal violence are social factors. When people are born into a cycle of poverty, there is often no way out of it except for crime. We have seen this throughout inner cities across America, and it has only gotten worse as time has progressed. By legalizing industrial hemp, we can offer opportunities to people that can resonate throughout the entire economy and lift up disenfranchised populations.

Only through building a lasting, sustainable prosperity can we assure that Peace on our Streets will be maintained. That is what our Hemp Freedom Act is all about. By opening up a vital market and creating American jobs, we can put food on the table for thousands of families without spending obscene amounts of taxpayer cash to do so. This is a government jobs program that can actually deliver.

Hemp Freedom Act

Our Hemp Freedom Act creates a industry for hemp production that is regulated by the state government. It also defines hemp as an oilseed, differentiating it from marijuana. It also de-couples the state from the federal government and their arbitrary hemp ban, making compliance and enforcement a punishable offense under this law. This assures the independence of your state and local officials and makes it less likely for legitimate hemp operations to be closed down.

As an added benefit, the Hemp Freedom Act contains a Constitutional freedom lesson to educate lawmakers. It points out the unconstitutionality of the DEA in its industrial hemp prohibition by citing the words of James Madison from Federalist #45. It also clarifies the true definition of the interstate commerce clause, which was not written to authorize the federal government to ban viable industries at their whim. In addition, it cites the 10th amendment for enshrining decentralization and states' rights as key principles guiding our Republic.

Although hemp is not as easy to grow as marijuana, widespread non-compliance can still pose a huge threat to federal control. The feds showed that they would capitulate on marijuana by 'allowing' Washington and Colorado to legalize it. They have already begun the process of caving on hemp, as President Obama signed a Farm Bill into law earlier this year that allowed research into the cultivation of industrial hemp to determine its viability.

This token measure is typical of the Washington D.C. political class. Rather than actually lead on a reform and do something right for once, they instead enact a measure to conduct unnecessary research. Hemp has been used for thousands of years. It is time-tested. It has thousands of uses that are all environmentally-friendly. It is the economic foundation that America needs to turn things around.

Join our effort, and help us to make our streets safer by providing people with the prosperity they need to live safe, secure, comfortable lives.