Maine Has a Prime Opportunity to Join the Hemp Revolution

Being a resident of Maine, I can hardly contain my excitement about HP7. It is a fantastic new piece of legislation that was introduced earlier this year. Anyone who has debated industrial hemp with a politician, parent, teacher, or even a friend should be very interested. HP7 centers around a very basic but effective concept, removing certain obligations for applicants who wish to grow hemp for commercial or “industrial” purposes.

The bill, “An Act To Promote Industrial Hemp,” removes the need for an applicant to provide fingerprints or file proof that the seeds they are planting are a variety of hemp previously approved by the Commissioner of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. This opens the door for more varieties of hemp to be grown, and breaks down barriers keeping the Maine industrial hemp market from blossoming and bringing widespread prosperity back to the Pine Tree State.

If that wasn’t good enough news, HP7 also repeals the need to have the federal government involved in the licensing process. This is decentralization at it’s finest, reducing application requirements for the farming of hemp to a name, address, description, picture, and map of the land being used. This allows the farmer to maintain some privacy and treats hemp like any other crop rather than something illicit or debauched as it has been treated for so many decades due to the failed drug war.

Although HP7 is a great start, there is still a ways to go before Maine fully unleashes their industrial hemp market. The seeds still must come from an approved producer of hemp seeds, or from Canada. Although this regulation may stop the marketplace from functioning at maximum efficiency, it isn't likely to stop people from getting into the viable industrial hemp business. Other benefits from the legislation include application and license fees that will bring more money to the state government along with the money being raked in hand over fist because of all the wonderful products made from the uber-plant we call hemp.

Hemp is marijuana’s friendly useful cousin that lacks any psychotropic qualities. It has been used throughout history for just about everything, and has more possible applications today than ever before. From sturdy pants and backpacks that last for a decade to some of the strongest rope and most efficient fuel imaginable, the potential for this plant to help our society is truly boundless. I think the introduction of HP7 is a monumental step for the State of Maine socially and economically. It shows that our legislators have open minds about a plant that has been nonsensically demonized for so long. It shows that society is changing for the better. Now we just have to push this government jobs program to victory.

Help make that happen! Visit our Maine Hemp action page for more information on how YOU can be effective in pushing HP7 to victory: You can also help us by joining our effort, or volunteering to help our cause.