Maine Hemp Action Steps

In 2009, Governor Baldacci signed LD1159 into law, which authorized industrial hemp farming and production provided that Federal law authorized the same. LD4 was introduced for 2015, removing that requirement and authorizing full-scale hemp production in Maine without federal permission.

Status – Joint Agriculture, Conservation And Forestry Committee, needs to pass by majority vote before the full house can consider it.


1. Contact the committee chairs.  Politely encourage them to move HB4 forward to a hearing and a vote in his committee.  Let them know that you’d like to see Maine take the same position as South Carolina and Tennessee, where Governor’s Nikki Haley and Bill Haslam signed similar bills into law in 2014.

Senator Peter Edgecomb of Aroostook Phone: 207-496-3188
Representative Craig Hickman of Winthrop e-mail:

2. Contact all the other committee members. Strongly, but respectfully urge each of them to vote YES on HB4.

  • If you leave a message or get an “undecided” response, let them know you’ll call back in 2-3 days after they have time to review.  And make sure to call again.
  • If they say YES, Thank them and, if possible, post publicly on social noting their committed YES vote
  • If they say no, ask them, politely, why. Get the information from them and Contact us

Senator James Dill of Penobscot Phone: 207-827-3498
Senator Thomas Saviello of Franklin Phone: 207-645-3420
Representative Russell Black of Wilton Phone: 207-645-2990
Representative Ralph Chapman of Brooksville Phone: 207-326-0899
Representative Michelle Dunphy of Old Town e-mail:
Representative Anthony Edgecomb of Fort Fairfield e-mail:
Representative MaryAnne Kinney of Knox e-mail:
Representative Donald Marean of Hollis Phone: 207-727-5527
Representative Carol McElwee of Caribou e-mail:
Representative William Noon of Sanford e-mail:
Representative Robert Saucier of Presque Isle e-mail:

3. Contact your own state rep AND senator. Strongly, but respectfully urge them to support HB4.

Contact info here:

NOTE – If you have a rep and/or a senator that is hostile to the idea, contact a friendly legislator in a neighboring district and urge their action.

“I live in District ___, and my (REP/SENATOR) will not take action to support Industrial Hemp Farming. Can you help?”

4. Spread the word. Share this information widely by social media, email and more.

5. Pitch in and help us spread the word!