Marijuana and Hemp Legalization: Status Report for 03-24-15

We are making huge strides in the movement toward legalization - that is, Peace on our Streets. Marijuana bills, for recreational and medical use, are getting introduced across the country with some moving through committees and receiving affirmative votes. However, the Hemp Freedom movement has really started to come alive in the last couple weeks. States are now showing more interest in unleashing this cash crop than ever before.


- In Missouri, HB830 passed through its second committee. The bill would legalize industrial hemp for production and distribution. It will now likely receive a full vote in the state house.

- In Massachusetts, a bill was introduced that would legalize both recreational marijuana AND industrial hemp in one fell swoop! H1561 would be historic legislation - the first of its kind ever passed- that would immediately legalize cannabis in all of its wondrous, peace-enabling forms!

- In North Dakota, a bill to legalize industrial hemp for production and distribution passed through the state senate. Because it had passed through the state house, that means it will go to the Governor's desk where he will have the chance to sign it into law.

- In New Hampshire, the state house approved HB494. This bill opens the door for a full-scale commercial hemp market in the state by treating it as any other crop for farming. Industrial hemp would essentially be treated similar to tomatoes, if passed.


- In Louisiana, a bill was introduced to legalize medical marijuana. HB6 would legalize marijuana as a medicine for qualifying patients. This first step toward relaxing marijuana laws would be a game changer in this red state.

- In Texas, a full legalization bill was introduced by a Republican legislator! HB2165 would repeal the criminal code pertaining to marijuana in the state, creating de facto legalization. Regarding his legislation, bill sponsor David Simpson said, "I don’t believe that when God made marijuana he made a mistake that government needs to fix."

- In Florida, dual bills were introduced to legalize recreational marijuana. H.1297 and S.1176 gives the sunshine state two golden opportunities to legalize in 2015.

- In Rhode Island, S.510 would authorize marijuana to be taxed and regulated similar to alcohol, legalizing the plant, and effectively rejecting the federal prohibition on the same. 


The movement for state-level resistance to the drug war is taking off. Momentum is on our side. What we must do is take action so that each of these encouraging measures achieves success. Although the drug war is clearly winding down, lives are still being destroyed. People are still being caged for possessing a harmless, benign plant. We can bring that to an end more quickly.

But we can only have success if we TAKE. ACTION. NOW. We can put the power back in the hands of the people if we conquer our apathy, and do the work necessary to bring about common sense reform.

Will you stand with us? We are almost there right now. Your action can put us over the top. Together, we can achieve peace in our streets.