NEW Connecticut Alert: Legalize Industrial Hemp, Support HB5780

Connecticut HB5780 would legalize hemp and open the door for a nullification of the federal ban on the same (learn more here). It passed the House 142-2 on June 1.


1.    Call your state Senator. Strongly, but respectfully urge them to support HB5780 and vote YES on the bill. A phone call has 10x the impact of an email, so make sure to take a few minutes to call.

Find your legislators’ information here:

2.    Call Back – any NO or UNDECIDED – in 3-4 days.   Make sure to follow-up. If they say YES, be sure to thank them and, if possible, announce their committed YES vote to email and social media contacts. If they say no, politely ask them why. Get the information from them and contact us.

3.    Spread the Word. Share this information widely by facebook, twitter, email and other social networks.

4.    Pitch in and help us grow our efforts. Help our efforts to end the War on Drugs and to bring peace on our streets: