The Plan

Momentum is on our side!

Colorado and Washington have demonstrated the profound effect that state governments can have simply by flouting federal law. Those states have proven 'Father of the Constitution' James Madison to be correct when he advised in Federalist #46 that "refusal to cooperate with officers of the Union" would serve as an effective method to stop unwanted or unconstitutional federal acts.

That is exactly what Colorado and Washington did when they legalized marijuana. These states have yielded tremendous benefits as a result of their bold action.

It is time to capitalize on this, and that is exactly what we are doing at the level where we can have the most success: through the state legislature.

State-level legislation can be utilized to achieve reform measures quickly without all the time, energy and money needed for a ballot measure. To pass legislation at the state level, all that is needed is a small, dedicated group of activists working to pressure their elected officials into doing the right thing.

'Peace on our Streets' provides activists with a workable plan to bring an end to the drug war far away from the tone-deaf Washington D.C. establishment. By working through your community, you can make ripples that will eventually culminate in a tidal wave that cannot be ignored or overcome by federal intervention. Join us, and help make the Drug War a thing of the past - one state at a time.