Police Brutality: The Disgusting By-Product of the Senseless Drug War

Police brutality is happening across the country at an epidemic rate. It is an abominable phenomenon that has turned the so-called 'Land of the Free' into a mecca of injustice. Although it is an undeniable fact that minorities are more likely to be brutalized by police, that is not the entire story. What is often overlooked is the correlation between police brutality and the Federal War on Drugs.

Police do not merely exercise brute force onto us for the fun of it. It has come as the result of a systematic federal assault on our freedoms, primarily stemming from the Drug War.

The Drug War has turned urban communities into war zones. By criminalizing drugs that are more likely to be taken by minorities, the feds have put police in a spot where they must violate their rights as apart of doing their job. The corporate big shot drinking their martini doesn't have to worry about armed thugs kicking in their door. The person paying for prescription pills doesn't have to worry about being locked in a cage for their habit. However, the individual smoking the harmless plant known as marijuana does have to worry about these things.

Heinous violations have resulted from this absurd double standard. Stop-and-frisk gives officers a mandate to shake down random minorities on the street. Civil asset forfeiture allows officers to steal property from a suspect before they are even convicted of a crime. No-knock SWAT Team raids have turned police officers into glorified home invaders. These are just a few of the abuses that have arisen from the war on drugs. They have turned our country into a war zone.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the Drug War has given power to police that nobody should have. The result has been a cesspool of corruption that has destroyed our communities, and crushed millions of lives. The prison population is at an all-time high. Many of the people behind bars are there for possessing or selling the cannabis plant, a known medicinal substance with no serious side effects. This is a travesty that must not stand.

We must work hard to put an end to these policies that have caused so much harm. The good news is that we are having effectiveness. Marijuana is already legal in several states. More states are introducing bills such as our P.E.A.C.E. Act to stop enforcement of marijuana prohibition. A revolution is being waged against police corruption and unjust laws.

That's why the crooked cops are more dangerous and violent than ever - because they are scared. They know we are making headway. They know their gravy train dries up if marijuana is legalized. Although we are having success, we must be careful not to count our chickens before they hatch. We must remember that a cornered animal is the most dangerous animal of all. Police aren't going to give up their illicit power without a fight.

That is why we must act fast. Check out our blog for the latest action updates on how you can fight back against the Drug War in your state. Or you can sign up to volunteer your time or money to our organization. Our cause is pure grassroots, and we can't finish off the drug war without your help. Join us, and Peace in our Streets is the future that we can accomplish together.