Rakin' It In: Colorado's Legalization Experiment Pays Off Big Time!

The good news just keeps rolling in from Colorado. They are reaping the benefits of their trailblazing, visionary plan to legalize marijuana. And it's making the prohibitionists' blood boil, as all their dogma goes up in smoke!

The tax revenue for marijuana sales in the first five months of 2015 totals a whopping $13.7 million, already surpassing the total collected in 2014. A Cannabist report elaborates on this eye-popping development:

"In the first five months of 2015, the state’s pot-funded excise tax that collects money earmarked for school construction capital brought in more money than it did in all of 2014. While that specific school tax’s 2015 take may not reach the $40 million number used to lure voters toward the state’s pot-legalizing Amendment 64 in 2012, its recent growth is exciting to lawmakers and industry alike.

The money from the excise tax has grown to $3.5 million in May from $2.5 million in March. This year, the excise tax has brought in $13.6 million through May; the same tax drew in just $13.3 million in all of 2014. The jump is partly because there are more marijuana stores and partly because shops benefited from a one-time tax-exempt transfer."

Remember the absurd refrain from the hysterical prohibitionists: Won't somebody please think of the children?

Well, the brave and heroic drug war reformers have thought of the children and taken their needs into account. That is why marijuana legalization, which very well may go down as the most successful policy change in history, is leaving schools awash in money. That means higher pay for teachers, quality learning materials for children, better facilities, more after-school programs, the works. All thanks to one of God's most miraculous plants: cannabis. Mother Nature's miracle that was suppressed from the public unjustly for so long has finally been unleashed, and the results are amazing.

Please shout this information from the rooftops. Let every dyed-in-the-wool 'Reefer Madness' propagandist choke on these facts. Because now it's undeniable that everything they said for years was a lie. All of those resources squandered and all of those lives that were destroyed were done for a false crusade. The War on Drugs was an immense fraud. It was nothing more than an excuse to funnel public money into the pockets of vile corporations while giving government bureaucrats an excuse to take more of our rights.

But the War on Drugs is clearly winding down. That long nightmare is finally coming to an end. No matter how many childish tantrums the prohibitionists throw, they will never regain their lost power. The cannabis revolution is a run-away freight train. The momentum can't be stopped. Colorado has made it abundantly clear of the choice that every state faces as they approach reform: Will they legalize marijuana, be flush in tax revenue, fund essential services and bolster the public safety, or will they squander billions of dollars, fill up the prisons with non-violent offenders, neglect essential services and damage the public safety by continuing prohibition?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the right path to take. The choice could not be more clear. But there is still work to be done. Individuals are still being thrown in cages for possessing and distributing cannabis. We must not do a victory lap while these injustices still take place. Instead, we must hunker down and put the final nails into the Drug War's coffin. That is our mission at Peace on our Streets. Join us, and contribute to our cause. Together, we will bring shame and folly upon the prohibitionists while freeing the weed throughout the entire country - one state at a time!