The key to increase the winning chances in the megapolis

Social quantum Ltd. is a famous company for their unique and impressive games.  They launched many types of games for the mobile users and Megapolis is one of them. It is a strategy based game and available for all Android and IOS users. The game allows you to build your dream city in it and you have to manage all the work and sources on your own. It is an interesting type of game, and you can see many new features in it. The game gives opportunities to see approximately 700 different buildings in it. If you are the newcomer, then here I am giving you some exclusive tips to play the game efficiently.

Try to manage the tax rate

The money plays the very important role in the game, and there are many sources are available for you to earn. Taxes are also an easy way to make more currency in the game. You should try to increase the tax rate and construct the tax office. Just like the real life, no one wants to pay the high taxes because it takes a huge amount of money. So you should try to earn more money by saving the taxes. If you manage the tax system perfectly, then the population of your city is increasing automatically. These things attract the new people to move into your city or by using Megapolis Cheats, and you can earn more money with it.

Upgrade the production            

It is a very effective way to increase the level of your player effectively.  Just like the real city, it is important for you to upgrade the structure for the well fare of your city. These upgrades can help you to increase your energy level and allow you to produce more big buildings by unlocking new towns.

Play with others

Megapolis is an online game and its give you feature to play it with many more players. It is good for you to make more friends to play the game.  You can save a large amount of money with the help of more friends. You can also visit other cites, and it is the best way to learn the new projects for your city by taking ideas from the friends.