TIG Welding: An Essential Process of Welding

TIG Welding: An Essential Process of Welding


There are a lot of variety we can see the best multi-purpose welding machines. Our day to day purpose is not the same always. So, this way the variety of these machines work. Imagine you need to set up an iron-grill on your window, then you need an arc-welding machine. If you have a ship and it wrecks in the middle of the sea you need a process of welding machine right then which works under water and you could stop sinking in nowhere. Hence, we must know the variations and its purpose, application and some features.


TIG Welding-

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding akaTIG (Tungsten inert gas welding) is a one of the most common types of welding that involves an electrode but here in this type of welding, the electrode doesn’t get consumed. And to protect the metal and the electrode from getting oxidized or contaminated this process of welding requires shielding gas like argon and helium.

Use of TIG- It doesn’t weld the alloy materials of magnesium, manganese etc. it has a grip on thinner metals like steel and stainless steels etc.

                      Mostly the airplane and spaceship manufacturing companies use this TIG or GTAW welding. Not only there, it has the ability to weld on thin plates as it can prepare thin-wall tubes, that makes manufacturers prepare pipes and cycles’ body. So related companies to these jobs are frequently using this technique.

The disadvantage of this-

As it has several control units & functions to that are necessary to be operated. Hence this is not a noob’s piece of cake.


                      Hence, we can manage to get other types of multi-purpose welding if needed. There are requirements and another hand there are several kinds. As the heaviness and thickness overdue the pressure of job reach up. In these situations, TIG and MIG welding techniques are applied. Otherwise, when you need to weld two handy metals you can easily pick other methods. Arc welding is one of the closest featuring in favor of user-friendliness. No heavy work, no pressure for a user at all.

Another hand Fluxed cored or continuously consuming electrode wire is used to weld as it is another breed of arc welding. It is basically differing from the other type of arc welding at the preciseness. It is implemented in those cases where the process has no time limit but there is an issue with the slags and overreaction of the metal. Imagine you have to set up a collapsible grill to make it more secure for any home or business buildings, you have to weld the thin rods with the frame in such a way that it can achieve the feature of flexibility and strength. So, in this job, you will have to be precise and less of slags and stuff.

This way the selection process works, the job will define the nature of required multi-purpose welding. Think of Walmart welder how he/she has to set up the factory with required multi-purpose welding machines and spaces between them to work on different projects at the same time.